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"Earlier this year, we were selected as one of 17 pilot gyms out of over 4000 by our franchise for a complete rebranding program. Our design compliance packet included the complete resurfacing of flooring and painting of all walls. There were several projects mandated that included electrical, HVAC, plumbing, minor construction, signage and IT improvements. 

It immediately became apparent that the choice to use First Call Commercial Building Services was a wise one. First Call has a team of contracted, skilled and professional trades' people readily available to work on their projects. They also have knowledgeable and dedicated employees who are committed to customer service and satisfaction.

Given the current labor shortage and demand on the construction trades, if we had attempted to hire professionals ourselves this project would have dragged on for months. We simply do not have the network or knowledge concerning the quality of the local trades that First Call does. The project would have cost us much more money in lost revenue while our business was closed while waiting for one trades person to complete their portion before another could do theirs.

We highly recommend First Call Commercial Building Services. We will not hesitate to contact them in the future for our construction project and building maintenance needs. Please feel free to share this letter with any potential clients. Both Christine and I would be happy to speak with them concerning our experience should they desire to do so."

- James and Christine Bussell, Owners,  Anytime Fitness of Traverse City

"First Call Commercial Services is always there when I need them! I highly recommend them for their professionalism, promptness, and experience!" - Kelly Neumann, Principal Owner, Neumann Law Group

“As a radio guy, I admittedly know very little about managing and maintaining office buildings. Thankfully, First Call, oversees and maintains all our downtown properties, including Radio Centre, the historic WTCM building, and the Coin Slot bar/arcade/retail.  For many years, we have been comforted and relieved to know that First Call can and will handle every need, big and small, that we and our tenants experience. Recommending First Call is not only easy, but a distinct pleasure!”
- Chris Warren, GM, Midwestern Broadcasting Company

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